Father Gets Life-Saving Transplant from Organ Recipient His Son Saved Years Ago

After donating his son’s organs, Bill Millard gave the gift of life to an ailing mother. Years later, she returned the same favor.

In 2005, Bill and Trish Millard lost their son to a devastating car accident. After the tragedy, the couple made the noble decision to donate his organs, saving the life of another little boy.

Bill Millard and his son’s organ recipient, Jake

Janice McKinnon’s son, Jake, was given the pancreas he needed for transplant. A decade later, the grateful mom volunteered to return the favor.

Complications from diabetes sent Bill into renal failure. Surprisingly, Janice was a donor match for the man. Beating the 1 in 100,000 odds, the San Francisco resident went under the knife to donate a kidney to the man that saved her son.


“It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it, because 10 years ago we donated my son’s organs and that is actually saving my life now,” Millard said.

The transplant surgery was performed without complications, resulting in a speedy recovery. After their 10-year journey together, the families’ connection transformed into a beautiful friendship. After all, it was fate that brought them together.


From left to right: Janice MacKinnon, Bill Millard, Jake MacKinnon, and Tish Billard

Source: ABC News