Famous Musician Spends Last Moments With Dying Father-See The Way He Honors Their Rocky Relationship

A famous musician and comedian spends the last moments with his dying father playing one of their favorite songs.

When he was a child, Mike Rayburn learned to play the guitar. It was something his father had taught him. His dad unknowingly planted a tiny seed that would develop into his son’s career. Their shared love of music would eventually grow into an everlasting bond.

As a public figure, the musician had been quite open about his struggle to maintain a positive relationship with his dad over the years. During his father’s final living moments, Rayburn decided to put the past behind them.

During his final moments, a man is serenaded by his musician son

While in the hospital, Rayburn serenaded his father while playing the guitar one final time. He deemed it appropriate to play for the man that taught him how to do so.

The musician chose a song that mirrored their relationship throughout the years, the famous Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. It was the first song Rayburn had ever performed, encouraged by his dad to do so.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who doesn’t have time for his little boy. By the end of the melody, the song is bittersweet as the roles of the father and son have reversed.

The meaningful moment was captured on camera for the world to see. Make sure to sneak a peek at the heartwarming footage below!

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Source: Life Daily