Family Thoughtfully Surprises Dad with Weekend Full of Holidays He’ll Miss During Deployment

One family made sure their military father would be there for the holidays, combining them all into one weekend full of fun!

Al Clendennin was set to deploy for “around 100 days,” and would miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his birthday. Luckily, the man’s brilliant children made sure he didn’t miss out the holiday seasons.


15-year-old Olivia Clendennin and her siblings transformed the family home into a haunted dwelling for Halloween…three months early. The kids filled the place with decorations and candy while their father enjoyed a surprise massage.

“He got home and of course we were playing ‘This is Halloween’ from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ We were all wearing costumes that we threw together that day … and it actually felt like Halloween,” the high school sophomore recalled. “My dad also threw on a costume; so did my mom. My grandparents also came over, and we have this tradition where we watch a scary movie.”


After a screening of “The Conjuring 2,” it was time to give thanks. Wouldn’t you know it, the famility celebrated with a full feast.

“It was a traditional Thanksgiving; all the normal stuff. We even got olives because my dad loves those,” the teen explained.


Finally, the last month of the year was upon them. After dad went out for a coffee, the kids planned to celebrate his December 22nd birthday. They presented Al with a new laptop, a thoughtful way to keep in touch while overseas. And since the family forgot to buy candles, sparklers were in order!


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Next up: Santa’s favorite holiday. The house was fully decorated with a miniature Christmas tree and gleaming lights.

“We got up,” Olivia said, “and my mom made our traditional Christmas breakfast — waffles, bacon, French toast.”

Paying homage to the snow filled season, the kids played Andy Williams’ holiday classic “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” To the Clendennin family, it definitely was.

Source: ABC News