Family Pup Disappears in Snow Storm- 300 Miles and 6 Years Later, They Get THe Shock of a Lifetime

One family gets a Christmas miracle they’d been waiting for after nearly 7 years.

The Marks family was enjoying a family vacation when a severe snow storm hit. David and his wife Alison were in the Pioche Hills, a mountain range lining southeastern Nevada when their beloved Shetland sheepdogs Willie and Wayland disappeared into the white abyss.

Willie, the Sheltie dog, would disappear for nearly 7 years after running away in a snow storm

Willie, the Sheltie dog, would disappear for nearly 7 years after running away in a snow storm

“While we were up in the mountains, Willie and his brother picked up on a rabbit or something and took off,” David explained.

When only Wayland returned home, the couple became extremely worried for their other “furry baby.” David made it his mission to find the pup and searched high and low in the sub zero temperatures. He was nearly lost himself. After wandering around for 5 hours, David finally made it to the highway where he was picked up by a sheriff deputy and taken home.


The family was forced to end their vacation and return to Las Vegas without their beloved pet Willie. They were devastated. The couple went to every length to try and locate the Sheltie. They even put up fliers around the area but never heard from anyone. Then, a miracle happened.

“…we got a call from an animal shelter in Elko, Nevada…they said they picked up a stray…” Alison said.

Sure enough, the shelter had found Willie through the microchip the couple had implanted in the pup’s neck. The Marks family was in shock.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was an absolute surprise…” David said.

The family was reunited after the couple drove the 300 miles to the shelter. It was as if Willie had never left.


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“Willie recognized us right away… he immediately came right over, wagging his tail,” Alison said.

The shelter described the dog’s journey saying he also had wandered to the highway after hearing the noise of traffic. Strangly enough, the dog was also picked up by a sheriff deputy who nursed him back to health before dropping him off at the local pound.

From there, Willie was adopted by a loving family where he stayed until he ran off once more. Little did he know that’s what would reunite him with his original owners.

Now 11-years-old, Willie has retired from “running away;” at least the Marks family hopes so.

Watch the family’s journey to find their pup in the clip below.

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Source: ABC News