Family Catches Video of Baby Moose Playing in Sprinkler

In Eagle River, Anchorage, it seems that even the moose enjoy playing in the sprinklers. And apparently, it’s happened more than once. This one family has started recording the moose when they come to their backyard.

This cute baby moose loves to run and play and jump in the sprinkler, very similar to our human babies playing on a hot day!


Cory Williams is the one who decided to start filming them. In the video, you can see the sweet moose having a blast as it runs through the sprinkler and jumps over it again and again, with the “mom” moose hanging out and keeping an eye on her baby in the background. The little moose even takes off and runs away, only to come sliding back into the picture.


Apparently this has been a trend in Alaska. There are moose all over the state, attracted to sprinklers to get cooled off. Moose are made to thrive in colder temperatures. Even in Alaska, during the summer it happens to heat up, sending the Moose to find a place and a way to cool off.

The video is too cute. Thanks to Cory and Kristen Williams, we can all enjoy the pure joy that the baby moose is having as she plays in the sprinkler.

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