Engaged Couple Answer 4-Year-Old’s Too Cute Ad, “Free Flower Girl Seeking Wedding”

The lonely flower girl simply needed a wedding. One thoughtful couple took the 4-year-old up on her offer.

After a playdate with a friend, Annabelle Earl became obsessed with the idea of a big white dress, flower girls, and all things ‘wedding!’ More specifically, she wanted to walk ‘a bride down the aisle.’ Unfortunately, there weren’t any family weddings scheduled in the near future. The young girl was forced to get creative in her nuptial search.

Image: Annabelle Earl, 4, of Brooklyn

“I thought she would forget about it after a while,” Kim Earl, the four-year-old’s mother stated. “But it kept coming back up.”

After picking up a bouquet of flowers, the mother-daughter duo made a trip to Manhattan. Dressed in her Sunday best, Annabelle stood outside City Hall holding a neon green sign that read, “Can I be your flower girl?” The hopeful little girl figured it was only a matter of time before a willing couple came along.


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“People smiled at us,” the mother said. “But I guess they didn’t really know what to make of it. I told Annabelle we were going to have to go ask people ourselves.”

With newfound courage, Annabelle walked up to the closest woman in white to explain her proposition. Surprisingly enough, the bride-to-be took Annabelle up on her offer. Kim was surprised at her daughter’s determination, saying the 4-year-old “took her responsibilities very seriously.” During the actual ceremony, Annabelle “stood there and quietly listened.”

Image: Annabelle Earl, 4, of Brooklyn

Once the bride and groom were officially wed, the excited little girl asked, “Mommy, is there cake?” A trip to the nearby bakery satisfied Annabelle’s craving for sweets. And what dessert did the flower girl decide upon? A single chocolate cupcake.

Source: ABC News