Elderly Homeless Man Has No Choice But to Walk Barefoot-Men in Uniform Come to the Rescue

In Riverside, California, some men in uniform stop to guarantee the safety of someone on the street. A firetruck from Engine 6-C had just completed the mandatory training exercises and were on their way back home. In essence of time, they decided to take the highway home, the fastest route.

On their drive home, the crew noticed a homeless walking over the very busy highway overpass. The elderly man was walking quite slow, he didn’t appear to have any shoes on.

The captain of engine 6-C brings shoes to a homeless man on the street

Immediately, the firefighters stop the engine truck. Captain Rob Gabler, grabbed the spare pair of tennis shoes they always kept in the truck jumped out to help the man put them on and made sure he didn’t need any food or water. The homeless man, no longer barefoot, could continue his journey.

The captain of the fire department gives a local homeless man a pair of extra tennis shoes

The good samaritan called it “just another day on the job.” Engineer Chris Adams made sure loyal fireman’s actions were caught on camera.

On the fire department’s Facebook page, the photo of the inspiring act was posted with the caption:

“Just after great example of the City of Riverside Fire Department Helping Our Members of the Community.” It went viral and their actions made the local news.

One man’s act of kindness were able to change this man’s day.

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