Dying Mom’s Wish to See Flight Attendant Daughter Get Married is Granted…35,000 Feet In The Sky

Only fate is responsible after a couple who first met on an airplane are married 35,000 feet in the air six years later.

Kristy Stratton loved her job as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. After eleven years with the company, that became pretty obvious. Interestingly enough, the job she adored would lead her to the one person she adored, Jim Larson.


The couple originally met aboard a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle. Fast forward six years later, the lovebirds were engaged. Shortly after the joyous milestone, Kristy received devastating news. Her mother, Billie Jo Stratton, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.


Billie Jo was a world traveler herself and encouraged her daughter to do the same in her career. As it so happened, she had never been to Seattle and jumped at the chance to visit her daughter.

In a rather serious discussion, Billie Jo explained her final wish. Before her death, the loving mother wanted to see her daughter marry the “man of her dreams.”


Kristy and Jim purchased a seat for Billie Jo on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle, the same flight that brought them together six years prior. Knowing it would be her mother’s last trip, Kristy planned a special surprise.


“I was thinking of unique wedding ideas while driving home from a red-eye about a month before the wedding” Kristy said. “… and thought it’d be a cool idea to get married on that exact flight.”

Just like that, the plans were made. The flight attendant picked out an outfit, a photographer, and party favors to hand out to passengers on board.


Billie Jo packed her things and headed to the airport to board the Boeing 737 flight to Seattle. Her daughter and son-in-law anxiously awaited her arrival.


Passengers on board the plane were prepared with bubbles, and “sweethearts” candies, ready for the ceremony to begin. At 35,000 feet, Kristy and Jim walked down the aisle.

The couple said their vows and sealed the nuptials with a kiss. The entire crowd, including Billie Jo, erupted in a tearful applause.


“I was really touched and overwhelmed by the amount of love and joy flooding through the cabin,” Kristy said.

Billie Jo got her wish..she had seen her daughter “marry the man of her dreams.”

Watch the emotional and one of a kind ceremony in the footage below!

Source: ABC News