Dying Mom Has One Request for High School Best Friend-To Take Care of Her Six Babies. The Answer is Heartbreaking

Two best friends vowed they would do anything for each other. After one of them became deathly sick, the other fulfilled her promise.

Stephanie Culley and Beth Laitkep were as close as two friends could possibly be. Their relationship started in a north Texas high school and continued to blossom after the women moved back to the same town.


Beth was pregnant with her sixth child when she received the devastating news. It was breast cancer. The odds of the mom surviving weren’t great. After two years, and rounds of chemotherapy at Duke University Hospital, the woman received an even worse diagnosis.

The cancer had spread to her brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Doctors advised there was almost no chance at survival. The mother of six knew her time on this earth was coming to a close but she couldn’t bear to leave without knowing her children would be taken care of.

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