Dying Little Girl Asks for Birthday Present- 20 Vehicles Hand Deliver It To Her

10-year-old Indiana resident Ava Hutchinson fought a tough fight while battling cancer. On her birthday, the entire world offered their hope for her future, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of hand-written letters and cards.

Ava was diagnosed with brain cancer at just 2-years-old. At such a young age, the girl had a long and painful journey ahead of her. With the help of her family, Ava was able to beat the cancer. Sadly, the triumph wasn’t permanent. The cancer returned during a routine check-up.

Ava fights the battle of her life against a deadly form of brain cancer

Ava’s mother, Joni Hutchinson, describes living every parent’s worst nightmare.

“We’re on an emotional roller coaster. It’s day by day,” Joni says. “We don’t think about the future right now, it’s more about what we are we going to do today…”

Turning 11 this year, Ava only had one request. She wanted birthday cards. The pictures and illustrations always made her laugh while others’ words of encouragement gave her the motivation to continue her battle with cancer. She wasn’t prepared for the response she would receive.

Ava’s mother offers support anyway she can

Everyone, including Ava’s friends, family, neighbors, and teachers, pitched in to give her the greatest birthday she had ever seen. The little girl’s “simple wish” sparked a phenomenon that traveled around the world, even crossing continents!

People from Asia as well as Australia were touched by Ava’s story. The letters simply wouldn’t stop rolling in. Soon after, the 10-year-old was facing piles and piles of unopened mail.

A week before her actual birthday, the letters were picked up from the post office. The unbelievable part? It took over 20 Jeeps, packed full, to transport the thousands of birthday cards.

The long train of Jeeps, each one carrying birthday cards for Ava

Ava was shocked and surprised. “I like them because I know that people are praying for me and thinking of me every day,” Ava says. “I couldn’t stop jumping up and down.”

One neighbor explains why the community would do such a thing.

Jeremy Faircloth states, “When a family needs something, you get as many people as you can together, and you come through for them.”

Don’t forget to watch the record-breaking delivery below!

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