Down Syndrome Boy Asked by Gorgeous Girl to the Homecoming Dance

Sometimes, being a person with disabilities is frustrating. While you are always different, sometimes you can even be ostracized or left out of events because you are unlike the other kids at school or in your group. This one little boy knows that story all too well.

Daniel is a 17 year old boy who wants what all the other boys want. A girl to go to the homecoming dance with. But unlike the other boys in his class, Daniel has Down’s syndrome, which makes finding a date a little more complicated. Daniel has struggled with being denounced because of his disability for as long as he can remember, and when he turned 17 he knew he wanted to go to the homecoming dance. And what high school that you know wants to go to a dance alone? None of them. Daniel never imagined that he would have such a hard time finding a date! But every girl that he asked to go with him turned him down. He was devastated.


Cue Kylie’s entrance. When Kylie, a 10th grader at Daniel’s school, heard about his predicament, she decided she wanted to do something different. She asked Daniel to go to the dance with her! She gave him the chance that he had been wanting all along, simply because she didn’t want him to have to feel the disappointment of not being able to find a date. Plus, she didn’t think that his disabilities made him any different than the other boys in the school. Daniel was beyond overjoyed.


And just to make the night even sweeter, when the local news station heard about what Kylie did, they decided to give Daniel the red carpet treatment to make up for his earlier struggles. They gave the couple a ride in a Rolls-Royce to the dance, and even rolled out a red carpet for their entrance! It was truly a magical night. By the end of it, Daniel was crying happy tears. (So was his mother, for that matter).


We’re happy for you Daniel! And Kylie, you are a sweet, kind-hearted soul!

Photos: Facebook