Dog Slays Mannequin Challenge While Doing Dishes and Playing Ping Pong

One dog is turning heads after posing in these hilariously funny photos for the popular ‘mannequin challenge.’

Ryan Thomas, who refers to himself as a ‘stay at home dad,’ became an internet sensation after posting some knee-slapping photos online. More accurately, his dog, Boston, became the viral hit.

The dog took the mannequin challenge by storm, performing various human-like tasks with the help of his owner…we think?

Boston the boxer does it all while wearing reading glasses, baseball hats, or gold watches…and he never moves a muscle.

The pup plays ping pong, waits for dinner at the dining table, does the dishes, and lounges on the couch with some trashy TV. Miraculously, he’s frequently pictured resisting tempting treats resting atop his head.


Watch the hilarious compilation of Boston’s best moments in the hilarious clip below!

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Source: Sun Times