Dog Channels Inner Michael Phelps to Meet His Dolphin BFF

Best friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Just ask this dog – his best friend is a dolphin! Ben is a Labrador who enjoys swimming in the ocean, and “Duggie” as the locals have started calling her, is a bottle nose dolphin that appeared along the coast line off Tory Island in Ireland. The dolphin appeared after the body of another dolphin was found washed up on shore. It is thought that this may be Duggie’s mate. Since dolphin’s are thought to mate for life, she has hung around the area that she lost hers.

Duggie was noticed swimming around one of the piers and coming up close into the island’s pier, where she met Ben. Ben took an extreme liking to Duggie, and now they play every day for up to three hours! That means that Ben is swimming non stop for three hours in the sea! Crazy.


The unlikely duo have become an extreme hit in the area, and Duggie has quite the following nowadays. There are even children who put on wet suits to try and swim with her like Ben does! Sometimes, other dogs will also join them on their sea adventures, swimming alongside.

Pat Doohan is Ben’s owner, and he says that Duggie will swim the same direction that Ben is swimming, and then take turns popping up on either side of him as he swims! There are even 2 collies that join them in their fun from time to time.


While Duggie has gotten distracted by schools of other dolphins as they pass through, she quickly returns to her friends at Tory Island. When she has an audience, she stays near the pier much longer, splashing her tail and just enjoying the attention she gets from the onlookers.

Well we all know Ben would be sad to see her go. Watch the video below!

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