Dog Caught Redhanded Helping Himself to Whipped Cream

Sometimes, dogs can get themselves into trouble. These curious creatures have a tendency to get into things that they aren’t supposed to get into, make messes that their parents have to clean up, and can wreak all kinds of havoc when someone isn’t watching.

There are a lot of things that dogs can get into that could be potentially devastating for them if their owners aren’t careful. But if things that could harm them are put away, they can still get into things that could be a mess or could end up being a hilarious internet video.

This dog is the perfect example. The dog (supposedly named Stig) was caught redhanded doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing! His mom heard the sound of the pressurized whip cream can from across the house. So his mom, who was fully expecting to catch her non-furry children, rounded the corner about to bust them for eating the whipped cream when instead she found him!

He was laid out on the floor eating away! He had somehow figured out that if he pressed the nozzle, the creamy goodness would come out, and he took full advantage of it! With his paw on one sided of the can and using his nose/mouth to push the nozzle down, he was fully enjoying his snack of the whipped cream when his mom found him.

What’s even funnier is that even when his mom caught him, he didn’t seem to care! He just kept eating the whipped cream, completely unconcerned that he had been caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing. Apparently sometimes, the goodness of the dessert outweighs the knowledge that you shouldn’t be eating it!

Watch the hilarious video below!

Photo: Youtube