Dog Lost at Sea for 5 Weeks, You’ll Never Guess Where He Shows Up

The phrase “man’s best friend” doesn’t even begin to describe the relationship between Nick Haworth and his one-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd, Luna.  The two were absolutely inseparable until the day she went missing.

Haworth brought his pup everywhere with him. Since the man was a commercial fisherman, that meant even on the boat …

On February 10th, Haworth and the crew were pulling in fishing nets, two miles from the coast of San Clemente, California. Suddenly, Luna disappeared without a trace.

Panicked and not sure what to do, Haworth called the coast guard warning him his pup might try swimming to shore. His efforts were pointless. Luna was nowhere to be found.

Refusing to accept his dog was gone forever, the fisherman enlisted the help of his coworkers and sent out a search party for two entire days.

“We went on a full-fledged search with spotlights and everything… I thought she had already drowned — or made it to the island,” he explained.

After more than a month without a hint she was alive, Navy officials, as well as her owner, began to believe the dog had died at sea. Haworth was devastated.


Then, the impossible happened. Luna was spotted on the island, having swam all the way to shore. Malnourished smelling of fish, the dog was ecstatic to see her owner again. The feeling was mutual.

“I was overwhelmed with joy. Probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life,” Haworth says, “I’m not a guy of many emotions but, man, this had me stirred up. This had me in tears. It’s a beautiful thing to get my dog back.”

Watch the heartwarming video below.

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Courtesy: NBC San Diego