Diabetic 8-Year-Old Collects Pennies for 4 Years to Afford $20,000 Service Dog

After realizing the cost of man’s best friend, one 8-year-old pinches pennies to afford one…literally.

When he was just four-years-old, Aiden Heath was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. At such a young age, he struggled to detect his low blood sugar before it was too late. He passed out on more than one occasion.


Aiden was intrigued at the suggestion a certified service dog might help the situation. Apparently, certain breeds of dogs were able to detect the microscopic difference in blood sugar levels even before fancy technology could identity it.

The little boy was a little discouraged after learning the cost of one specially trained pup. A whopping $15,000 price tag set that dream out of his reach.


Jenni, Aiden’s mother, jokingly suggested he start “pinching a few pennies” to save up for the outrageous expense. The little boy did just that. 4 birthdays later, the 8-year-old managed to save an astonishing $6,000 in pure change.


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Aiden’s determination was an inspiration to his community and quickly reached “national news” ranking. Eventually, a GoFundMe page was created in the eight-year-old’s honor.

Thousands of people came together to contribute towards Aiden’s one and only dream. Before he could blink, enough contributions rolled in totaling over $20,000 in donations.


The Heath family was done waiting. Aiden picked out his new best friend, a chocolate lab he named Angel. She was as smart as they came. Her nose could pick up a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels half an hour before the boy’s handheld tester.

The family was in utter shock at people’s generosity that made it all possible.

“Aiden looked at me and said, ‘This is a dream,’” Jenni remembered. “He is feeling the love…there are no words.”

See the moment the 8-year-old reaches his 4-year-long goal to adopt a special pup.

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Source: ABC News