Detroit Firefighter Graciously Pays $1,000 Electric Bill to Keep Boy On Home Ventilator Alive

Firefighter Ryan McCuen went above and beyond the call of duty with a very generous credit card payment.

Clinton Township, Michigan was home to Christy Stone, and her son 18-year-old son,  Troy. Diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy as a child, the teen required ’round the clock medical care. Bills from doctors visits, prescription medications, physical therapy appointments, and in-home medical equipment piled up in the thousands.


The majority of the family’s costs’ went toward keeping their son on life support within their home. The machine keeping Troy alive required an astonishing amount of electricity and soon pushed the family over the edge. The teen’s parents were forced to choose between their 18-year-old’s life-saving treatment and keeping the power on.

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