Deputy Volunteering at School Felt “Called” to Adopt Unwanted Foster Child

A police officer goes beyond the call of duty, adopting a foster child no one else wanted.

Deputy Michael Gibson was an officer serving in the 6th precinct of a small South Carolina town. He was one of many that participated in an outreach program at the Child Development Center. The initiative focused on bringing cops to classrooms, reinforcing the idea police officers are a community’s “friends.” There, he met the little boy that would eventually call him dad.


The deputy started working at the school only in his spare time. Officer Gibson would spend time reading to the kids, playing basketball games, or simply chatting about their weekends. He started to notice one child in particular gravitated toward him more than any of the others. The young boy even started calling Officer Gibson “Officer Dad.”

As it turned out, the six-year-old was living a tough life. He had been shuffled around by social services since birth. After being placed in and out of eight foster homes within six years, the small child was deemed “unwanted.” Sadly, he had been the victim of severe child abuse.


Deputy Gibson felt an unusually strong connection to the boy, something he couldn’t ignore any longer. After hearing the heartbreaking story, the man instantly answered the “calling” he had to adopt the little boy.

The policeman and his wife started the long and lengthly process to be named the six-year-old’s legal guardians. After court hearing, home visitations, and months of waiting, they got their wish, adding one more the family of five. Gibson knew the boy and he were perfect for each other from the start.

“He was searching.” Gibson said. “He was definitely a child in need, need of parents, that’s what he wanted.”

See the family’s journey to each other in the clip below.

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