He’s Deemed ‘World’s Hottest Math Teacher.’ Judge For Yourself With These Pics

With a PhD in engineering and a British accent, Pietro Boselli is making waves as one attractive cat in the classroom. Teaching at the University College London, the man has it all: brains, brawn, and the beauty! The real question is, how do his students learn to focus on their actual work?


Everyone loves a nerd, especially well, nerds. Boselli found his passion in life after stepping to the head of classroom instead of sitting in the back. As you might have guessed, the good-locking  brit had a different career in his younger (ok, way younger) years. After being approached by Giorgio Armani himself, Boselli built a name for himself posing for photos and walking the hottest runways.


The money was great and the connections, even better! But to the math mind, something didn’t feel right. He missed the intellect, the science, and the moments of discovery within learning. In short, living the showbiz lifestyle was fun, but he preferred the company of books instead.


Boselli returned to his roots, impressively earning a PhD in engineering. He regularly holds lectures at the University College London, grades papers, and shares his literary writings with the fellow staff. Even though he retired from modeling, the man still regularly gets a workout in -as if that wasn’t already clear.


Source: Brightside