Daughter of Slain Officer Receives Shocking Surprise at High School Prom

A teenage girl isn’t given the opportunity to share a special high school memory with her father. Thankfully, the boys in blue stood in his place.

Aleena Kondak was about to experience a treasured high school memory: the senior prom. This milestone is an important event for any high schooler, but especially for a young lady.

The fallen officer "always remembered, never forgotten"

The fallen officer “always remembered, never forgotten”

Sadly, Aleena’s father, Officer Charlie Kondak of Tarpon Springs, Florida was fatally shot during a routine call. The entire community was devastated, especially his grieving family.

As a surprise, the officers showed up at Aleena’s school

Two years later, Officer Kondak’s coworkers went beyond the call of duty to complete a task the loving father was meant to do. They felt it was their duty. One of the father’s closet colleagues said it best.

“Sad because we have to be here,” said Major Jeff Young. “Honored because we can be here.”


In secret, Aleena’s mother and the police department planned the special event. The officers met the young girl (with flowers of course) at her school, just before she entered the dance.


Aleena, dressed in a gorgeous sparkling gown, was shocked to see the law enforcement team ready to escort her to her senior prom. After everyone shed a few tears, shared some sentimental hugs, and spoke warm wishes, it was hard to tell who was more excited to be there.


“…they’re amazing. I love each and every one of them,” said Kondek. “They always say, ‘never forgotten,’ and I totally believe that.”

Get the tissues before you watch the heart wrenching video below!

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Source: Fox News