They Took Her Baby From Her Arms in WWII, 70 Years Later They Are Reunited

One woman’s worst nightmare becomes reality when her newborn daughter is taken to be raised in Nazi Germany. 70 years later, she discovers her baby is still alive.

Margot as a young girl

Gianna Bachmann was living in Germany during the 1940’s when she fell head over heels for a German soldier. 9 months later, the couple’s daughter Margot was born. Sadly, the baby girl wouldn’t know her mother. The Nazi Welfare and Juvenile Office immediately took custody of Margot at her birth, denying Gianna visitation rights or custody. Thankfully, the girl’s biological paternal grandparents were able to raise her.


Over time, both Margot and Gianna learned to accept the possibility that the other had died during the war. The girl’s strict grandfather wouldn’t allow her to explore any other option. He even denied her the right of knowing her own father, his son, before his untimely death.

“Even as a child I felt that something about that wasn’t true,” Margot recalled.

The years continued to roll by until right around her 70th birthday. She received the news she’d been hoping for her entire life. At 91-yearsold, her birth mother was in fact still alive at 91-years-old. She was overjoyed by the news.

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“I wanted to know who my mother was, whether we are alike, perhaps find some photos and information about her,” Margot explained. “I would never have dared to hope that I would ever be able to embrace her. Now I am overjoyed to find out that she is well and that we can get to know each other.”

The mother and daughter couldn’t wait to reunite after 7 decades apart. Meeting face to face, the elderly woman are overwhelmed by emotion and are brought to tears. The reunion was like nothing they had ever experienced.

“All my life I asked my family about you, without being given any answers,” Margot explained to her mother. ” I’m immensely happy to be able to finally know you.”

Having her child taken from her and being forced into hard labor, Ms. Bachman had only one wish left.

“I’ve paid a lot…” she says. “…now I want to laugh.”

Watch the mother and daughter reunite in the video below.

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Source: ABC News