Dad Shocked To See Deployed Son On Screen – Then He Gets The Actual Surprise

When a sailor couldn’t attend his father’s 50th birthday celebration he sent a recorded message in his place…the video wasn’t actually the surprise.

The day he turned 50 marked a major milestone in one man’s life. Sadly, his son wouldn’t be there to share in the celebration. Deployed on active duty, the sailor sent a heartfelt video message to his dad on the special day.


The 50-year-old sat down during his party and saddled up to see his son onscreen. He was instantly overcome with emotion at the sight of his boy. Proud of his son’s bravery, he was sad the soldier was missing the special event.

Then, the sailor hopped off screen to appear in person. While his father continued to watch the video, the veteran snuck up behind his chair, remaining completely silent. After someone yelled, “turn around and give your son a hug,” it all became clear.


The burly dad melted into a gentle giant, hugging his returned son. The 50-year-old couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the footage from his birthday!

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