Dad Lets Daughter Pick What She Wants to Wear for Picture Day – Her Outfit Choice? EPIC.

Kids are just wonderful. This 3 year old is just yet another perfect example of how wonderful kids can be.

Kaylieann Steinbach is a 3 year old who picks her school outfits every morning, focusing not on the girly aspects of matching, or fun colors, or even comfort. She is more interested in dressing up like her heroes – literal, superheroes.

Therefore, when she picked out her outfit to wear on picture day, her parents weren’t even shocked. It had been about two weeks of her wearing her velvet Superman dress with the red cape – two weeks nonstop. Every. Day. To the point where they even had to sneak into her room at night in order to take it to get it washed. She couldn’t know they had taken it, or it would have been a fight.

When they finally got her pictures back from the school, it was something that could have stepped right out of a comic book. There was Kaylieann, wearing her blue and red velvet Superman dress with cape – and she even took her action figure with her too!


Her parents fully believe in letting her choose her own outfits. Encouraging her individuality and her independence are more important than making sure she looks “cute” by today’s standards.

Kaylieann is a sweet girl – the kind of girl that makes sure she tells everyone in her class “Hello” every single day. She doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. She is funny, and constantly making everyone around her laugh.

At this point, her parents simply try to guess what she will decide to wear each day. It’s a funny little game, trying to decide which Kaylieann will come out of her room dressed for school today. Will it be Superman? Will it be Ironman? What about Spiderman?

No matter what, it is definitely a wonderful thing to see a child already so confident in who she is and what she is interested in. And way to go, parents, for letting her express herself through her wardrobe! You’re just too cute, Kaylieann!

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Photo: Reddit