Dad Gives Son Mini Cart and a Video Camera — the Results are Priceless

One of the newer addition to some shopping areas is the introduction of the child’s shopping cart. It’s a shopping cart, but smaller and gives children the ability to navigate through the store with their very own cart, acting like mom and dad. One dad decided to give his son the freedom to have his own shopping cart, and then attached a video camera to the cart so he could see exactly what his son was doing. The results have gone viral!

Little Beckett just cannot contain his excitement as he goes throughout the store, picking up items to put in his cart, and just wheeling around. Everyone can enjoy the pure happiness of the small child as he says things that adults simply couldn’t get away with. It’s definitely a treat to see someone enjoying a trip to the grocery store, because I know I don’t! And even in the “uh oh” moments when Beckett completely loses control of his cart (I mean, LOL, am I right?!), it’s just such a funny and cute sight you can’t help but laugh. And feel a little sorry for the people who have to clean up his mess. But mostly laugh.

Even when he accidentally bumps into things with his cart, his cute little apology is almost too much to handle! If you need a boost today, this is definitely a video you need to watch! Watch the cute video below!

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