Dad Creates “Monster Spray” to Help Kid Scared of the Dark

Everyone is afraid of something. One of the most common fears for children is the dark – because of the unknown. Being unable to see, monsters seem to grow from the darkness. While most children overcome this on their own, many are helped by their parents being supportive and creating an environment that feels safe for them.


One dad in British Columbia came up with a very creative idea to combat this fear of monsters that ended with his daughter, Mya, being unable to sleep alone in her room. Aaron decided he would create a “Monster Spray” to spray the monsters with every night before bed! This would also be used to help his daughter combat her fear even in the daytime.

The monsters that once terrified her are now frightened of her, and she feels in control as she sprays them with the monster spray to make them go away!


Aaron went to a local pharmacy and told the pharmacist what he was planning on doing, and asked if they could print him a label for his monster spray! The kind pharmacist agreed, making the entire bottle look extremely legitimate! Since they started making the monster spray (which is really nothing more than a mix of lavender and water), they have had to refill it 20-30 times. But Mya’s parents say this is an easy and very affordable price to pay for her being able to sleep at night, unafraid of the monsters in the dark.

Dee Vivian, the pharmacist, has even noted that the idea of monster spray has caught on. She now keeps multiple bottles with the labels already made up in for families who come in looking for their own spray. It’s a cute idea, and many parents have agreed that it helps their kids feel safer at night, putting their little minds at ease so they can sleep through the night.


How neat!

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Photos: CTV News