Dad and Adorable Daughter Recreate ‘Grunge Version’ Of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ That Is Too Cute

People can’t seem to stop raving about Melody and Jeff Hillard’s remake of the classic Christmas carol, ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.’ The father-daughter duo put their own spin on the well-known holiday song and it’s slowly sneaking up to give the original some competition! 

Arriving at their Plymouth, Massachusetts home, the Hilliards decided to grab their instruments and put on a show. The musical father pulled out his acoustic guitar while Melody informed viewers through the camera that “Daddy and I are going to sing you a song.”


Before Melody could even finish counting down, her excitement took over. She started to belt out her own unique version of the Christmas carol, yelling in high pitched screams. It wasn’t long before the little girl convinced Daddy to join in, transforming the epic solo into a duet.

Complete with tattooed band members, excited dance moves, and an outrageous volume level, the classic holiday song quickly took on its new identity as a ‘punk-rock’ tune, For Jeff, the silly and special moment was something he’s excited to be a part of.


“I’m a single dad and recovering alcoholic. Been sober for a while now and just love making my daughter’s life the best it can be,” Jeff wrote online.

Watch the adorable father daughter duet give new meaning to the concept of ‘Christmas caroling.’

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