Cubs Fan Drives 600 Miles to Honor Late Father’s Wish

We all make promises that sometimes we wish we hadn’t. The difference is in whether you still honor them or not.

Wayne Williams’s dad died in 1980. But he promised that he would watch the World Series with him when the Cubs were likely to win. So 36 years later, even though he had moved all the way to North Carolina and his dad is buried in Indiana, he drove the 600 miles to go listen to the Cubs win at his father’s side. He and his dad (who also happened to be named Wayne) that when the cubs were in the World Series, they would watch it together. It seems that death cannot negate the pact.


Wayne even told his own sons about the pact, and the fact that he was planning on still honoring it. If there’s a way to convince your own sons that they should keep their promises to you, this would definitely be it. After planning the entire trip, Wayne packed up and drove the 600 miles with his Cubs flag to sit with his dad and listen to the game together. Before his father’s death, Wayne Sr. was a huge Cubs fan who was devastated by their season in 1969. His son reports that if he had been alive in 1984, “that would’ve done it for him.” He had been saying at the start of the season for years that this would be the year that the Cubs went 500. It only took a “few” years for the Cubs to win the World Series again. The curse has been broken, and the promise has been kept.

After the Cubs won, Wayne stood by his father’s grave and told him, “We did it.” He then took his Cubs flag and placed it on the grave of his father, and then made the trip back home.

If that’s not true dedication, I’m not sure what is. I’m sure your father appreciated you keeping your promise, Wayne. He’s cheering for you and the Cubs from wherever he is in the afterlife.

Watch a video about the incredible promise fulfilled below.


Photos: FoxSports Twitter