Tiny Crossing Guard Risks Her Life For This 8-Year Old


Adrian Young, the local crossing guard at Alexandria Elementary School had just finished her shift and was ready to go home to relax. One little girl was lucky she didn’t.

When escorting the last few kids safely across the street, Young suddenly heard a scream.

“She was like ‘Please don’t let her take me. I don’t know her. She’s not my mom,’” Young said.

As a mom herself, Adrian didn’t take the statement lightly. She immediately ran to the girl and confronted the woman nearby speaking to the child.

After a brief interaction, it was clear the 8-year-old was telling the truth. Refusing to let the woman kidnap the child, Adrian held on to the girl as tight as could.


Immediately, the once docile woman turned on her and began to attack. In an attempt to force Adrian to let go of the girl, the kidnapper began hitting and kicking the crossing guard.

Even though Adrian was quite small, at 4′ 8,” that didn’t stop her from protecting the little girl at all costs.

Once word of the situation spread, authorities were notified and rushed to the seen. Thanks to Adrian’s keen memory and detailed description, police were able to find the perpetrator, Maria Ramirez.

“I felt that if it was my child, I would want someone to protect her. I couldn’t see myself let that little girl be taken,” Adrian said.

After serving 14 years as a crossing guard, brave and resilient Adrian deserved some recognition. It was then that the Los Angeles City Council held an event in her honor.

Adrian Young being honored by the city of Las Angeles

“Sometimes superheroes come in small packages,” city councilman, Mitch O’Farrell said. “

Adrian Young prevented a tragedy because of her diligence, training, awareness, and just because she cares so much about children, she prevented what could’ve been a kidnapping of a child.”

The child’s mother explained she was eternally grateful Adrian was there saying, “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know where my daughter would be.”

See the emotional video below.

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Source: Inside Edition