Cows Dance As They Experience Grass for the First Time in 6 Months

For the past six months, these cows have been cooped up inside the barn to be kept safe from the harsh winter of England. Rick Cornock, their owner, had them in the barn not as a punishment or lack of caring, but to insure that the cows would not be affected by the winter months and the overly cold weather.

Despite their owner’s concern for their welfare, you can clearly see in the video that they had missed being outside in the grass. As the entire herd is let back out into the pasture for the first time in six months, they can’t contain their joy. They begin to frolic and play in the warm sunshine and run through the grass as if it had been years, not months, since they had seen it.

Rich owns a family-run dairy farm in Tytherington – a small village in the South Gloucestershire, England. This video is actually from April of 2012. Regardless of the year, it can definitely be agreed that these large creatures are more than capable of feeling emotions, and expressing joy just as clearly as we are.

It has long been known that cows can understand complex series of emotions – and this is no different. Many families came and gathered to watch the return of the cows to their pasture, fully expecting a happy dance as they were released.

It is refreshing to see a story about a farmer who is taking good care of his animals – not punishing or abandoning or simply refusing to care for these creatures. I fully expect that the milk from these happy cows is some of the best and most refreshing in the world.

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 Credit: Pinterest/Laughing Squid