Couple’s Stolen Love Letters from WWII Are Returned 40 Years Later Thanks to Complete Stranger

Their precious love letters vanished into thin air only to mysteriously resurface forty years later.

Lloyd and Marian Michaels were a month away from celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Reliving their life together, they shuffled through precious keepsakes, old photo albums, and boxes in the attic.


What the couple wanted most was the collection of love letters they wrote to one another as newlyweds during WWII. Sadly, those memories were long gone, stolen in a burglary years earlier.

Lloyd and Marian began as high school sweethearts and were married shortly after graduation. With the war raging through Europe, Lloyd honorably joined the Army and deployed to the front lines. That didn’t stop the lovebirds from keeping the romance alive!


At home, Marian patiently waited for her husband’s return. In the meantime, she sent daily reminders of her love and affection. It was heartbreaking to know they’d never read the writings again…or so they thought.

One month before their 70th anniversary, the 89-year-olds received a mysterious message. A Moreno Valley veteran phoned to tell the couple he had the 40-year-old love notes!


The man denied any connection to the burglary and explained he simply wanted to return the tender memories to their rightful owners. The Michaels’ were without words, completely stunned by his kindness.”Neither one of us can read them; we break down too quick,” Lloyd stated.

The WWII veteran managed to locate Lloyd through his military service number, finally connecting the man to the writings with his spouse’s name. The joyous news couldn’t have come at a better time.

Needless to say, the precious love letters are kept under lock and key, forty years later.