Couple Who Fell In Love During the ’50’s Are Reunited with Coded Love Letter 62 Years Later

A pair of summer lovers went their separate ways, only to be reunited 62 years later with a coded message.

Cynthia Riggs lived a peaceful life in her Martha’s Vineyard home in Massachusetts. Over the years she built a successful career as a mystery writer before entering retirement. Afterwards, the woman tried her best to occupy her wild imagination. Puzzles and word games usually did the trick…until the day she received an intriguing letter in the mail.


“I’m always looking for wonderful mysteries and this seemed to be one,” stated Cynthia.

Oddly enough, latitude and longitude coordinates replaced the return address on the envelope. Written on paper towel, the letter failed to make sense. The jumbled letters had to form a secret code, as far fetched as the idea was. Just like that, Cynthia was taken back to 1950, the year she met Howard Attebery.

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