Couple Struggling with Fertility Deliver Three Sets of Twin Boys

Originally struggling to become pregnant, one couple reach their occupancy level after the birth of three sets of twins.

After having some difficulty conceiving over the past years, Kathleen and Nick were desperate for help. The couple had tried homeopathic methods, fertility drugs, and every other option under the sun. That’s when the pair decided to invest in science and opted for in-vitro fertilization.

The husband and wife were thrilled at the news they were pregnant on the very first try.  After 9 grueling months, Kathleen and Nick received the biggest surprise of all: identical twin boys, Austin and Tyler. The family’s home was quickly full of noise and the sounds of happiness.


Nick was completely content with only two boys and was under the impression his wife felt the same way. Kathleen felt quite the opposite.

“Initially, I thought that she wanted to have three kids, but then she told me no, she wanted to have three pregnancies,” Nick says.

The young woman wanted a baby girl and convinced her husband on another attempt. The mom and dad, sure the odds of birthing twins was against them, expected to go home with only one bundle of joy. Four years later, the parents welcomed another set of identical twin boys. Hunter and Chase completed the family of six.

Kathleen still wasn’t satisfied with only sons, even with her hands completely full. In a desperate plea to try for a girl, the woman assured her husband they’d definitely have only one baby this time.

“I begged and begged until finally he was like just let’s go,” Kathleen said.

After all, what are the chances of having three sets of identical twins in 5 years?


12 months later, the married couple took a trip to the very familiar gynecologist office for Kathleen’s first ultrasound. There on the monitor screen, was the one in a million screen shot. Her doctor confirmed the parents should be expecting twins… again. Kathleen’s 3rd pregnancy produced son, Dillon, and the only baby girl, Summer.

See the twinned family in action while they explain their crazy adventure in the clip below.

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