Couple Share Storybook Wedding 20 Years After Meeting as 3-Year-Old Ringbear and Flower GIrl

After serving as a flower girl and a ring bearer, two kids write their own vows 20 years later.

Brittney Husbyn first met Briggs Fussy as a tiny tot in her godmother’s 1995 wedding. She was the precious flower girl while Briggs served as the official ring bearer. The 2-year-olds had no idea they would stand under the alter at their own wedding 20 years later.


The Minnesota residents reconnected later in life after attending the same high school. Brittney recognized the boy’s name junior year while Briggs claims he doens’t really remember the first time they met.

“I don’t really remember the wedding part at all,” Briggs said. “I didn’t even talk to her.”


Before you knew it, sparks flew and the young couple started dating. Their connection grew into a deep love for each other throughout high school graduation and college. Funnily enough, Brittney’s godmother takes credit as the official matchmaker.


“I knew I was going to marry her,” the high schooler said.

After 5 years of courting, the two finally decided to tie the knot in St. Pau,l Minnesota. Displayed at the couple’s wedding were photographs marking the milestone moments in their lives (including pictures of them in the wedding 20 years before).

“It’s fun to have something special like that to look back on,” Brittney said.

Travel the couple’s journey to a fate-like marriage in the news clip below.

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Source: ABC News