Couple Cancel All Wedding Plans Just to Marry in Hospital With Dying Mother

One bride to be makes an astonishing sacrifice for the woman that raised her husband.

Adam and Ashley Kern had fallen in love, living a dream fairytale. Four years of absolute bliss later, they announced their engagement followed by the warning they weren’t planning to get married anytime soon. After a chat with Adam’s mother, the couple changed their minds.

Ana Mae, the mother of the groom, was a patient of Excela Latrobe Area Hospital. She had developed breast cancer and was putting up quite the fight. Sadly, the disease progressed faster than doctors expected and Ana Mae was living out her final days in a hospital bed.


“I wanted to do it mainly for my mother,” Adam says, “because I knew she wasn’t going to be here… And my fiancé, said whatever it takes. And that’s why we’re here.”

Adam and Ana would do anything so the 67-year-old cancer patient could be part of their special day.

Thankfully, Ana had a connection with her future mother-in-law that most people envy. Her never ending praise for the elderly woman made that fact even more obvious.

“When you’re with her, her presence makes you feel great. Very strong,” Ana said. “And she makes me feel that way.”

After giving a week’s notice, the couple made their way to the hospital to tie the knot. Ana Mae attended the event, smiling throughout the entire ceremony. Hospital staff taped paper streamers and red heart-shaped balloons to the woman’s wheelchair as they followed the family to the chapel.

Wearing a white dress, Ana made her way toward Adam waiting at the front of the alter.


Before anyone could blink “Adam, you may kiss the bride,” sealed the deal. The loving couple was finally hitched.

Ana Mae was beyond honored to be a part of her only son’s wedding day and wanted to do something special for the newlyweds. With the help of her nurse, she planned a surprise reception entire for the couple. The event was a true celebration, complete with delicious wedding cake and dancing.

The moments of joy were mixed with sadness at the thought of Ana Mae leaving them so soon. This put everything into perspective for the new husband.

“That just makes the whole, everything worth it,” Adam said. “That makes the day complete.”

Watch the two tie the know in the tear-jerker clip below.

Source: Good News Network