Cop Stops To Help Homeless Man on the Street, He Never Expected the Voicemail He’d Get Months Later

Noticing a tall, dark figure walking around the black bend of road, Officer Deputy Matt Holman pulled over. He didn’t know it then, but Deputy Holman would be a significant part of that man’s life.

The policeman shook hands with Robert Morris and questioned where he was headed at such a late hour. The downtrodden and elderly man explained he wasn’t sure. His thin plastic tent in the woods, had just been washed away by flood waters. Sadly, that was his home.

Heartbroken and sympathetic, Deputy Holman invited Robert to sit in his warm patrol car, at least for a few moments. The twosome ended up driving back into town, stopping at the steps of a local church. That’s when things became clear.

Robert had fallen into a downward spiral, leaning on drugs and alcohol to get him through the tough times. As a result, his brother and sister, the only family he had left, had turned their backs on him. Robert was truly alone, looking up from a hole he couldn’t climb out of.


A God-fearing man, Deputy Holman wanted to offer the same help he desperately needed years before. He searched for the spare Bible he knew had to be thrown in the back of the car. Unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky enough to find it. Deputy Holman made the decision to hand over his own personal copy, even though the black leather bound pages were written on, highlighted, and partly crinkled and torn. He knew Robert needed them more than he did at the moment.

After finding the poor soul a hot meal for the night, Holman drove away and finished his shift. Still, Robert’s story stuck with him … until he heard from him again.

Six months later, the deputy fumbled for his ringing phone but was too disorganized to answer it on time. The voicemail message on the screen nearly knocked him over. It was Robert, explaining how he had turned his life around, all thanks to the good samaritan’s kindness and generosity.

Unfortunately, Deputy Holman didn’t get to return the call before Robert passed. Even so, he left the world, a better, changed and grateful man.

The voicemail message and officer’s thoughts say it all. Take a look at the video clip below!

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