What This Pastor Does for Abandoned Toddlers Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Pastors Ronnie and Krystal share a selfie during a sporting event

Pastors Ronnie and Krystal share a selfie during a sporting event

Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal are a loving and faithful family. Together, they operate the Refuge Church and shelter in Port New Richey, Florida. As the parents of three active children and the figureheads of an established church, the pair are well-known in the community.

On one uneventful night, the couple is on their way home. When they pass by their church, they are heartbroken. There in the dark, are two young toddlers. They were covered in dirt and trash and barely clothed. However, this wasn’t the first time the pastors had seen these boys. The couple knew them as well as their parents. The family was homeless and were frequent visitors to the Refuge Church soup kitchen.

Ronnie and Krystal felt the need to help. After pulling into the parking lot, the couple were met by the boys’ parents. Unsure if she would offend the couple, Krystal asked if it would be possible for the toddlers to come home with them. She wanted to give them a hot meal, a bath, and a warm bed. Surprisingly, the answer was yes.

Once at their house, the Stewarts introduced the boys to their other three kids. After receiving a much needed bath, the brothers were put to bed. They slept for 10 hours straight.

Krystal remembers the saddening experience. “I don’t think they’ve ever slept in a bed before,” she said.

The next day, the couple met the parents at the church to thank them for the experience. They handed out their phone number and offered to take care of the children any other time. Krystal prayed that God would protect the boys and provide hope for the future. However, she didn’t think her request would be granted so quickly.

A few days later, the homeless parents show up at the church. This time, they are accompanied by a police officer as well as a social worker. Ronnie and Krystal were unsure of what to think. The social worker explained the children must be immediately removed from their current “unfit” living situation. With their children’ best interest in mind, the struggling parents make a shocking request. They ask Ronnie and his wife to formally adopt the one and two year old. There is no time to contemplate the decision as the social worker states she must hear an immediate response.

Without hesitation, the pastor and his wife wholeheartedly agree to take the boys in. After months of proceedings, piles of official paperwork, meetings with attorneys, and numerous court dates, the two boys finally become a part of the Stewart family. No one could be happier.

Boys, 1 and 2 years old, find their place in a happy and loving family

Boys, 1 and 2 years old, find their place in a happy and loving family

Ronnie and Krystal share some final words about the entire process.

“Our prayer is that our story inspires others to also take generous leaps of faith when your moment arises…unplanned and unexpected (it) has turned into a beautiful blessing for our family.”

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Source: Fox13 News