Commercial Pilot Surprises Love of His Life with 35,000 Feet Proposal

A woman gets the surprise of a lifetime after airline pilot boyfriend proposes…35,000 feet above seal level.

Capt. Dooley Ellis had an important announcement to make aboard an international flight from Melbourne, Australia, to Los Angeles. His girlfriend happened to be on board, flying to see her family in South America.


After takeoff, the man brought the plane to cruising altitude and grabbed the intercom to say a few words to a “very special passenger on board. Her name is Anna.”


Apparently, Capt. Dooley was worried she wouldn’t return to him soon enough. He was prepared to “make sure she comes back to me in Australia.” Then came the most important, romantic, shocking question of all.


“So now that I have your complete attention — ¿Anna, Quieres casarte conmigo? Will you marry me?”


At that moment, the airplane captain exited the cockpit, finding Anna in first class. Holding a bouquet of roses, Capt Dooley got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket.


Anna responds with tears of joy and a very clear “yes.” The happy couple share a well-deserved kiss before the plane erupts in a round of applause.

Watch the heartwarming, emotion filled moment Anna is proposed to in the video clip below!

Source: ABC News