College Student Sees 93-Year-Old Struggling to Mow Lawn-His Reaction Touches Entire Community

One man gives back to his community that helped him live the American dream.

Rodney Smith Jr. was a Bermuda transplant that had made his way to the southern states of the U.S. The young man was living the American dream as a college student at Alabama A&M in the town of Huntsville.

The 93-year-old lady inspired Rodney to create a life-changing organization

The 93-year-old lady inspired Rodney to create a life-changing organization

One day, Rodney was driving through his neighborhood and noticed an elderly woman attempting to mow her lawn. That image would stay engrained in his mind forever. The 93-year-old was clearly struggling with the large machine when Rodney had a thought.

“…it came to me that I should do something, so from then on I decided to cut grass for free for the elderly, disabled, and single parent mothers,” the young man said.

That is exactly what he did. The college student tried to instill his country’s culture and way of thinking during his generous deeds. He explained that people back “home” always lend a helping hand if they can and are forever friends.

“That’s what drives me to help people,” Rodney adds.

The good samaritan started the non-profit organization rebuilding Alabama's youth

The good samaritan started the non-profit organization rebuilding Alabama’s youth

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His good deeds quickly caught the attention of a local news crew who offered the man a monetary reward of $300 as an act to “pay it forward.”

What did the generous young man do with the money? He founded “Raising Men Lawn Care Service.” The non-profit organization aimed to teach young men respect and values while completing simple acts of service for those who need a little help.


Rodney’s goal was to guarantee young men built a “sense of accomplishment,” high “self-esteem,” and “purpose in themselves.” Within a matter of weeks, dozens of volunteers showed up to begin that very journey.

After only a few months, Rodney even created t-shirts displaying the organization’s logo, promoting a sense of community within the small town. From there, a GoFundMe page offered him the chance to grow the business with major purchases including better machinery and higher quality lawn equipment.


Rodney became an inspiration to the young men that idolized him. Balancing school and work, he was able to mow 100 yards before the end of fall, reaching his goal.

What happened to the 93-year-old lady that inspired his genius idea you may ask? Rodney assured everyone she would’t be forgotten.

“Have no fear,” Rodney said. “Raising Men Lawn Care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks!”

See the story unfold in the inspiring clip below.

Source: Good News Network