College Student Creates Food Bank for Hungry Classmates

I swear, sometimes I feel like I didn’t do anything in college! This one college student puts a new degree of “service” to desk assistant!

Justin Franks is a college student at the University of Alabama A&M, 20 years old. He also works part time as a desk assistant in his dorm, when he noticed a very pronounced problem that he decided to try and help solve.

There were students who were consistently going to bed hungry. The school cafeteria closes pretty early, and everyone knows that most college students stay up pretty late. Justin saw many students who didn’t have enough money to go eat off of campus when the cafeteria closed, and he just didn’t like the idea that there were students who went to bed hungry because of a lack of funds and because the cafeteria closed early.


Justin is a current full time college student, and also works 3 different full time jobs. He took $40 out of his own pocket to furnish the beginnings of his “food pantry” for students that are in need. He bought ramen instant noodles and capri sun juices. The small “stash” of food that he began with increased tremendously when it hit social media.

Justin posted to Facebook for help with his idea, and it really just took off. It now encompasses an entire old mail room within his dorm. There have been donations from many different organizations and people on campus – even including some sororities and fraternities, and even alumni. It now has all kinds of food and other products the students may need – including personal hygiene products.


The current operating hours for the food pantry are 6 PM (because that is when the cafeteria closes) until 11 PM.

“Service is Sovereignty” is the school motto for the University of Alabama A&M. I think we can all agree that Justin is living that out every day.

Photos: Justin’s Facebook