What These Chinese Tourists Take from a Japanese Hotel Made Me Crack Up

When you go to a hotel, it is definitely tempting to take as many of your “hotel amenities” as you can. Well, this one couple visiting Japan took this to a whole new level.

The Chinese couple was on a trip through a travel agency visiting many different areas of Japan. They stayed at a hotel in Nagoya, Japan, and while they were at the hotel, they found a toilet seat under their bed. They took the toilet seat, and were planning on keeping it.

When the hotel realized what they had done, they immediately called the group that the couple was traveling with, demanding that they send it back. The couple immediately apologized and promised to send it back at their next stop. Their next stop was Mt. Fuji, and as promised, they sent the toilet seat back. Apparently when they discovered the extra toilet seat under their bed, they had assumed that it had been left by a previous guest, and so they went ahead and just packed it up. There has been no comment as to why they were interested in taking a toilet seat.

They made a formal apology to the hotel, posted another apology online, and even apologized to the hotel franchise when they stayed in another hotel later that day.

According to the report, the wife in the couple works for a bank in Taizhou as a manager. I wonder how embarrassed they are that their desire to take a spare toilet seat has now made them internet famous?!