Charming Monkey Kisses Pregnant Mom’s Belly In Touching Moment at the Zoo

A sweet orangutan offered her ‘congrats,’ with a kiss, from one mom to another.

The Colchester Zoo primate was mesmerized by Maisie Knight’s baby bump. The nearly 9-month pregnant mom and her boyfriend Jamie Clarke later found out the ape, named Rajang, is ‘particularly fascinated’ by pregnant bellies.


“He loves belly buttons, scars and of course baby bumps!” a zoo representative said in a press release. “His inquisitive way means he loves to interact with visitors particularly those who might be expecting!”

During the couple’s visit, the orangutan kissed Maisie’s stomach through the thick pane of glass. It seemed the monkey was trying to offer well wishes for the baby! That wasn’t the case when Jamie stepped up the paned window.


Trying to test the waters, the boyfriend “got a dirty look” from the displeased animal. He did however manage to catch the entire thing on camera.

See the adorable moment in this video clip!

Source: Daily Mail