Couple Commemorates Anniversary 50 Years Later – How They Do It Is So Romantic

They celebrated one of life’s major milestones: a 50-year marriage. Surprisingly, that wouldn’t be the only major feat the lovebirds would accomplish.

The English couple first met in 1962. Fast forward 50 years later, Carole-Anne and Jim Stanfield were marking half a century together. Their 50th wedding anniversary party, celebrated with friends and family, included a surprise twist. 

The husband and wife chose to wear the exact outfits they donned during their wedding…in 1966. 

Donning an lace embroidered dress and a tailored suite, Carole-Anne and Jim Stanfield tie the note on October 1, 1968

Haley, the couple’s granddaughter, organized the event for the two lovebirds. Naturally, she requested old wedding snapshots to display at the celebration. The search began in the attic, where nearly everything was collecting dust.

Low and behold, Carole-Anne stumbled across her hand-embroidered wedding dress and her husbands tailored suit. It had been nearly 50 years since the pair had laid eyes on them! 

It was expected Carole-Anne and Jim try on the outfits, “just in case” they still fit. However, Mrs. Stanfield was a little hesitant.

“Hayley insisted we put them on but I said no,” she said. “…they’d been in the loft and they were dusty and smelly.”

The two eventually granted their granddaughter’s wish. Carole-Anne couldn’t believe her eyes after trying on the clothes from so many years prior.

couple wears same wedding clothes 50 years later. same clothes fit into wedding clothes on 50th anniversary

“We were gob smacked when we discovered they still fitted perfectly,” she said.

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This was the ‘lightbulb moment’ for the happy couple. It was decided Carole-Anne and Jim would proudly wear the wedding garments to their 50th anniversary party, commemorating their journey as husband and wife.

Apart from a deep dry clean, Carole-Anne and Jim swore the garments remained positively unaltered.

Jim and Carole-Anne Stanfield commemorate their 50th anniversary by posing with their 6 grandchildren during the celebration

Just like the couple’s 1966 wedding day, the 50th anniversary party was filled with fun stories, past memories, and the essence of love. In front of friends and family, Carol-Anne and Jim renewed their everlasting vows.

In an important announcement, the pair revealed they were taking a second honeymoon with a trip to Greece! Their secrets to a successful and happy marriage?

“We have very different interests and hobbies, but the laughter is what keeps us strong,” Jim and Carol-Anne agree.

After 50 years together, Carole-Anne and Jim’s wedding garments hadn’t changed much. Luckily, neither had they.

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