Cat Wanders into Classroom, then Showed the Professor that His Lecture was Too Boring

Cats do some weird things. This one cat decided he wanted a college education and somehow wandered into a lecture! The cat waltzed into the International Islamic University in Malaysia and took a seat on top of one of the desks, next to one of the desktop computers. Apparently the cat visits the campus regularly and is well known to the students, although there is no clear answer as to who the owner is.


It is said that the cat has been known to come into different classes, and is recognized so well, in fact, that they don’t even bother trying to make it leave. They just let it sit in the room since it doesn’t bother the lesson or the lecturer. It has become an internet sensation with memes and pictures of it floating all around the Twitter-verse and other social media outlets.

One 21 year old student, Nur Elynna Binti Mohammad Shaharul Hashri, stated that the cat doesn’t have a known owner, that it loves to hang out on campus, and that the other students and the teacher found the cats invasion of the classroom amusing, which is why they allowed it to stay.

I think we can all relate, as college students, to the cats struggle with staying awake during the lesson! Those first 30 minutes of class we are all so attentive and ready to learn, but by the end of the lesson we are all struggling to keep our eyes open – especially at those 8 o clock classes! This cat fully understands the desire to become educated and the struggle to stay alert and ready!

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