Cat Rescues Baby Bunny, Raises it as Her Own

Sometimes, families aren’t exactly what we expect. But compassion and love has no bounds – not even species.

Snaggle Puss, the famous mother cat, had a litter of kittens her own when she came across Bubbles. Bubbles was a bunny whose mother had died when she was only one week old, and clearly in need. That’s when Snaggle Puss did the completely unexpected act of adopting the baby bunny as one of her own, just adding it to her litter with the rest of her babies.


While they think that Bubbles biological mother was killed by a cobra, Snaggle Puss quickly became a more than capable surrogate, even feeding Bubbles with the rest of her kittens. No one really knows or understands why the cat decided to adopt the orphaned bunny. They think it may have something to do with the excess of oxytocin that was present after having babies, but who really knows.

When the cat was first seen carrying Bubbles, it was thought that she was going to attack it or try to eat it (I mean, ew, but whatever). But when they continued to watch the entire situation play out, they noticed that she was taking Bubbles back to her box of kittens!


All we know, and can agree on, is that Snaggle Puss showed us all that love has no species limit, and love is unexplainable. Watch the awesome video below!

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