Business Man Offers Private Jet to Couple-See What They Did to Deserve It

Brittany and Tylan Self were excited to announce they were expecting a baby boy. Their life seemed picture perfect from the outside. On the day of his birth, baby Jett and his parents would no longer be so sure.

Jett Self was born with an extremely rare and aggressive type of cancer known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. With limited choices for treatment, Jett’s parents explored every option available.

Their best bet? A trial study in Baltimore, Maryland, at the esteemed Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The only problem? The university was over 1,00 miles away from their home in Louisiana.

Baby Jett needed treatment as soon as possible. However, his options for travel were also limited. Because of his weakened immune system, he wasn’t able to fly commercial airlines. A simple germ or cold could be fatal to him.

Bay Jett and his mother share a hug

Driving the 16-hour long journey was ruled out as well. Unfortunately, that would add even more stress to the already fragile situation. Brittany and Tylan were desperate for a solution.

What they received was a Christmas miracle. The couple’s struggle reached the ears of their congressman, Dr. Ralph Abraham. He had an idea that might help and contacted his former schoolmate, James Davison. As is turned out, the two served in the military together and admired Jeff for doing the same.

“The congressman and I used to be in The Guard and we just are happy to help this child at this particular time,” Davison explains.

As the owner of a trucking/freight company, Davison traveled quite a bit and even owned his own private jet. In a generous offer, Davison insisted the couple use it to seek treatment for their son.

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Source: Good News Network