Bucket Bear Saved by Animal Rescue Heroes

A few months ago, there was a picture that went viral on Facebook of a small bear with a bucket stuck on its head.

"Bucket Bear" as seen on Facebook

“Bucket Bear” as seen on Facebook


Couple saves the day

Dean Hornberger and Samantha Eigenbrog

Come to find out, this poor bear had been trapped with the bucket on his head for nearly 2 months! Eventually, thanks to social media and a group called “Save the Bucket Bear” the poor bear’s plight was brought to the attention of a group of animal rescue volunteers who decided to take the case. Dean Hornberger and Samantha Eigenbrog, a couple from Clarion County in Western Pennsylvania are the first two volunteers that decided it was important to track the poor animal down and help him escape before he died.

It took them two hours of hiking through the woods to find the bear, but it wasn’t where they expected. After their two hour hike, they were heading back to their car when they finally spotted the poor bear! Dean decided he would approach the small bear and try to just tug the bucket off of his head, to see how hard it was stuck to the poor animals head.

Scratches suffered by the bear's claws

Scratches suffered by the bear’s claws

After giving the bucket a couple tugs, it was discovered that it was so tightly adhered to the animal’s head that there was little chance of it coming off without some help. So they ended up having to tackle the bear with three other volunteers and then cut the bucket off the terrified bear’s head! Some of the volunteers even suffered from scratches from the bear’s claws, and all of the volunteers were covered in mud by the end of the experience.

Come to find out, it wasn’t even a bucket that was trapped on bucket bear’s head! It was a “maxi,” a type of buffer between a trailer and truck that looks like a black air bag. It has a metal ring in the top of it, which is what had to be cut to free the poor bear.

Shawn Balcita, Eric Kribbel and Kaitlyn Lakin were the other three rescuers that came to the aid of the young couple trying to save the bear.

The group works to save the bear

The group works to save the bear

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