Daughter Surprises Deaf Father at Her Wedding, Signs Lyrics to Father-Daughter Dance Song

Julie Finkel, a new bride, couldn’t wait for her father to hear the song they would dance to at her wedding. Unfortunately, he was deaf.

The bride’s parents were both exposed to a dangerous outbreak of measles as children. As a result, they were both permanently hard of hearing, Julie’s father being the worst of the two. He was almost completely deaf.

The Finkel’s had a strong relationship with their daughter and were all extremely close. It came as no shock when Julie wanted to involve them in her wedding.

Julie and her father share a father daughter dance at her wedding reception

“I wanted my parents to feel like they were truly a part of everything,” she said. “In a lot of aspects of their lives, they can’t fully participate.”

Julie and her soon-to-be husband, Rob, had decided on the song that would play during the father-daughter dance. Rascal Flats’ “My Wish,” was the perfect choice.

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The bride wanted her father to be able to understand the meaning behind the song she had chosen. As a surprise, she recorded herself interpreting the lyrics through sign language.

Julie surprises her father with a recording of her signing the lyrics to their first song

During their special moment on the dance floor, she projected the video on the wall for the world to see.

“I showed my dad that I was proud of him… even though he knew all along,” Julie said.

The magical moment her father realized what his daughter had done was captured on camera. By the end of the song, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

See the breathtaking footage below.

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Source: Inside Edition