Boy’s Father Died Before They Could Meet and Is Buried-Son Buys Headstone so His Father “Doesn’t Go Unknown”

Even though the 11-year-old never met his biological father, he made sure the man’s grave was given a headstone.

After learning of his adoption, Brandon Bakke craved to know more about his biological family. Brandy, the boy’s adoptive mother, informed the 11-year-old his father’s name was Terrence. That was all the information she had. After completeing some research online, Brandon found his father’s sister.

Terrence, Brandon's father he never met

Terrence, Brandon’s father he never met

Talking with the woman revealed Brandon’s father had unfortunately died the year before. She explained he was welcome to visit his Terrence’s grave but the man was buried without a headstone. The family simply couldn’t afford it. Brandon had a heart of gold and knew he had to do something for his father.

Brandon mows lawns to pay for his bological father's headstone

Brandon mows lawns to pay for his bological father’s headstone

The 11-year-old began mowing lawns around the neighborhood to save up money. The reason? Brandon would buy his father, who he’d never met, a headstone. After months and months of hard work, Brandon had saved $325. His mother accompanied him down to the monument company to get the gravestone made. Upon hearing the inspiring story, the manager decides to donate the headstone instead.


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Brandy, the boy’s mother,  expressed her pride in the boy.

“I’m really proud of him,” said Brandy. “He’s a very mature, smart young man and he’s really going to go places in life.”

Even though the 11-year-old never met his father, he honors his memory anyway.

“I don’t think anyone should go unknown,” Brandon said. “I felt like I should do this for him, and that he’d be proud of me.”

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