Boyfriend’s Important Question is the First Thing She Hears After Cochlear Implant

One deaf woman’s life is turned upside down after receiving a cochlear implant. Being able to hear wouldn’t be the only life-changing event to take place that day.

Andrea Diaz recently went under to have a cochlear implant placed in her ear canal. Scheduled to be calibrated weeks after her surgery, the miraculous device would recover her lost sense of hearing.


The big day finally arrived. The young woman traveled to the doctor’s office with her boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, and mother. All three waited in the exam room to experience the special moment together.

As soon as the doctor flipped the “on” switch to her device, Andrea was overwhelmed by what she heard and was left nearly unable to speak. After a few moments and a couple deep breathes, she managed to let out a joyful laugh with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s noisy…I can hear myself,” she said out loud.


Andrea had no idea what her boyfriend had planned. Kevin had been waiting for this exact moment as much as she had. After the doctor adjusted the implant to the appropriate sound levels, the young man asked the question he couldn’t hold in any longer.

“Can you hear me?” Kevin asked.

Andrea smiled, nodding her head ‘yes.’ “It sounds funny,” she added.

Right then and there, Andrea’s boyfriend got down on one knee and held open a tiny familiar box with a ring inside.


“I wanted to make one of the first thing you hear is me asking you to marry me,” he said. “..I love you so much and you’re my best friend baby…will you marry me?”

Andrea could barely contain her excitement and began jumping up and down in her seat while clapping her hands and crying. It was hard to tell if the young woman was more happy to hear the actual words or to answer the question with a “yes.”


The lovebirds sealed the emotional and romantic moment with “I love you’s” and a kiss.

“So much is going on!” Andrea laughed while wiping her cheeks dry. The wall flower doctor chimed in with another important question.

“Are you happy?” the woman asked.

Andrea replied, “Yes, very happy.”

Watch the entire purposed in the emotional heartfelt clip below.

Source: Daily Mail