Boyfriend Prays for A Miracle for Quadriplegic Love of His Life- Then, He Actually Gets One

After falling 17 feet in a tragic accident, Liz Mitchell lost the use of her legs and became a quadriplegic. Thankfully, her loving boyfriend was standing by her side.

As a healthy 32-year-old, the woman regularly played with her dog on her home’s second-floor balcony. One August morning, things took a turn for the worse and Liz woke up in a hospital bed.

“One day you wake up and you have a breathing tube in and you realize the body you thought defined who you were is useless,” Mitchell recalled.


Suffering from a broken vertebrae, Liz was paralyzed from the neck down and hadn’t the slightest idea how it happened. Brian Mitchell, her boyfriend at the time, gave her the devastating news.

“He didn’t just say, ‘You’re paralyzed, you can’t walk,’” Mitchell explained. “He specifically said, ‘One day, we’ll move to Waco, we’ll get married, and we will have a beautiful life. And it does not matter if you are in a wheelchair.’”


Brian stayed true to his word, re-teaching his future wife the basic of walking and using her body. But that wasn’t all. The man prayed daily for a miracle to get them though the challenging time.

That’s when doctors returned with the unbelievable and fantastic news. As it turned out, she was incorrectly diagnosed and wouldn’t be paralyzed forever.


“I’m moving my legs!” Liz shouting with tears streaming down her face.

The woman attributes her courage and strength to Brian, grateful she didn’t have to walk the painful journey alone. Eventually, the 32-year-old learned how to walk again, and just in time.

“The relationship you develop going through a story like that and seeing the person she became in the darkest depth of her struggle,” Brian explained, “I knew I didn’t just like this girl. I loved this girl.”


Well enough to take her own steps down the aisle, Liz married the love of her life in a beautiful, tear-filled ceremony. It marked the start of a new life for the couple,

“What looks like a curse has actually become the biggest blessing in my life,” Liz said. “… because I’m now the person I’m supposed to be, I have love I didn’t think was ever possible.”

Walk a mile in the woman’s shoes and check out her journey in the clip below!

Source: ABC News